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Handmade Scented Wax Tablet, infused with lovely fragrances!


A wax tablet is a solid, natural air freshener made with soy wax, dried flowers, herbs and spices, and scented.


Unlike candles or wax melts, scented wax tablets don’t have to be heated. Please keep out of direct sunlight. Don’t hang in places where it will get hot enough to melt unless that’s your intent. Don’t leave them to lay on wooden surfaces or on anything that may stain.


Soy wax, rose fragrance oil and dried rose petals.


  • Size


    3 inches Diameter

    Approx. 50 grams


    3 inches Diameter

    Approx. 30 grams

    Please note:

    All are wax tablets are handmade, expect a little imperfections. A little wear and tear are a part of its nature and beyond our control. We hope you fall in love with its imperfections.

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